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Wastewater Reuse

Diller-Brown is proud to offer problem solving solutions utilizing the following lines of high quality mechanical products designed for use in Water & Wastewater applications.

Milliken Valve Company

Milliken Valve Company located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a full line manufacturer of Plug Valves, Multiport Valves and Check Valves for use in Water & Wastewater. Stocked locally at our facility.

  • Plug Valves
  • 3-Way Valves
  • Check Valves

  • Air Release
  • Vacuum
  • Combination Valves 

Lined Valve & A-C Valve

  • Metal and resilient seated knife gate valves.
  • Split ductile body knife gate valves.
  • Slide gate valves.
  • Bonneted knife gate valves.
  • Fabricated and custom designed knife gate valves.
  • Solid one piece cast body in corrosion resistant stainless steel










Automatic control valves, check valves and other specialty valves. Typical applications include: Altitude Valves, Anti-Cavitation Valves, Automatic Air/Vacuum Valves, Check Valves, Float Valves, Flow Control Valves, Level Control Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Sustaining Valves, Pump Control Valves, Surge Relief Valves, Solenoid Valves and Strainers.

  • Automatic Pump Control Valves
  • Electronic Interface Control Valves
  • Surge and Water Hammer Control Valves
  • Pressure Control Valves
  • Air Release Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Anti-Cavitation
  • Specialty Valves





Need Field Service Assistance? Call: 1-800-275-1009

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