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in Florida since 1954

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Corporate Profile

Since 1954 Diller-Brown & Associates, Inc. has been shaping, refining and readying our product offering with the customer as our only consideration. You propel all of our effort to provide a mix of top quality solutions at a fair price.

Our product lines, which we restrict, are constantly reviewed to ensure that the best and most materials are available. This allows our staff of sales and service representatives to have an outstanding technical knowledge about each product we represent.

We are proud to offer you the results of our efforts to bring rational order to the confusion of the market place. Many of the products available were not chosen for our offering. Those which were, provide a rational solution directed towards customer needs. With over a half million dollar inventory, our depth of stock is unmatched.

The Actuation Center, developed by Diller-Brown, enables us to provide quick response and service to customers who need timely valve and actuator assembly. The Center maintains strict quality control and testing standards.

For over fifty years Diller-Brown has maintained an excellent reputation in the power, chemical, paper, aerospace and wastewater industries. The next time you have a unique problem, need technical assistance or just wish to discuss your needs with people who have your interest at heart, call Diller-Brown.

Need Field Service Assistance? Call: 1-800-275-1009

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